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Bring Out Your Beauty Line!!


Argan Oil Permanence 

✔ Argan Oil effect with converging pores.

✔ Anti-Aging Skin

✔ Disinfection, Sterilization



✔ Place it in a dry & cool place to avoid direct sun exposure.

✔ Keep it away from the children's reach.

✔ Please conduct allergy testing on your hands before use. stop using it immediately if any discomfort or allergic symptom occurs. consult a doctor if necessary.


How to use

1. Apply a thick, even layer of the cream over the hair you want to remove using a spatula.

2. Let the cream cover the area you desire.

3. Leave the cream for 5 minutes, you may leave the cream longer if required, but do not leave the cream longer than 10 minutes

4. Remove the cream with a spatula. during a removal, wipe gently

ellocy Hair Removal Cream - Hair Removal Cream for Women and Men, Premium Depila

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