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Ellocy to you is

Invitation to a sweet and colorful world,Get out of the way of a busy and hard day

It is the Ellocy,where you can make a mysterious world full of vitality and sweetness from bored and busy daily life

Start right now.Invite your tired daily life to a world full of glamour and sweetness.

Dye sweet energetic energy to your tired lips


1.As you apply Ellocy Lip Plumper,plumping lips in 1second

@Plumping@Volume up@Sexy hydrated lip@Filler effect

It gives you,immediately reduce lip find lines,gifts you a sense of glamorous volume up 3D your lips,by high refractive oil and strong moisturizing oil content

2.Twinkle Twinkle Shinning Luster

@Twinkle Shinning Lips@Strong Moisturizing

It takes care of your lips,keep the wrinkles and skin of the lips smooth,from rough lips to moisturized healthy lips,with vegetable oil

3.Gorgeous with no light

@Lively@Like a vitamin@Tone-up effect

You can experience amazing colors,with no light,in a natural coloring, proved the natural color of lips

4.Rich coloring power,Long-Lasting all day

@Silky texture@Shinning color all day@Perfect coloring

When you apply Ellocy Lip Plumper,It has silky texture,It adds a soft touch to your lips.It has long lasting rich in color and persistence

I recommend it who is

You worried cause of the cracked,bleeding lips

You worried had trouble wearing lipstick cause of the exuberant dead skin cells

You want to have thicker intensive moist lip care without being sticky,oily 

You want to create healthy,lively,beautiful lip makeup by one touch on your way

How to use

1.Use when you want smooth lips or voluptuous lip makeup before color makeup

2.Apply it itself for intensive lip care for 15 days 

3.Use it on top of lipstick when you want to create a rich volume and a shining effect

Ellocy Lip Plumper

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