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✅NATURAL LIP PLUMPER : Ellocy Lip Plumper is made with all botanical ingredients. This lip plumper adjusts fine lines on your lips, plumping your lips gorgeously.

✅MOISTURIZE YOUR LIPS : This lip plumper makes your lips brighter while moisturizing them. 

✅HYDRATED LIP TEXTURE : This lip plumper has very soft, smooth and hydrating texture.

✅PAINLESS : This richly-pigmented lip plumper gives long-lasting volume to your lips without any pain.

✅RESULTS GUARANTEED : If you are not completely satisfied with the product, feel free to contact us.




*Portable size, easy to carry.

*Makes lips fuller instantly.

*Prevents cracking and drying.   

*Deeply hydrates while plumping.

*Fuller, moist and supple lips for a beautiful smile.

*Leaves lips smooth and velvety soft.

*Apply daily for a beautiful, fuller look of your lips.

*Aliceva Lip Plumper not only makes your lips fuller but keeps them moist and supple.



- Can be used alone

- Also usable after applying lipstick



This product is a makeup product, so please stop using it if the product is not suitable for your purpose of use.

Ellocy Lip Plumper, Natural Lip Enhancer, Lip Maximizer

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