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Ellocy create products with the professionals for the professionals. We create a perfect product and test it repeatedly to make it "JUST RIGHT" for you. The best value most important to us is high quality and your satisfaction. Whatever we offer, is designed to make your work easier, more pleasant and your Customers more satisfied and impressed. 




Drying time : 1-2 seconds 

Lasting time : 6-7 weeks 

Viscosity : Medium 

Color : Black

Volume : 5 ml

Ingredients : Ethyl Cyanoacrylate, Black Carbon.




- Best environment for eyelash extension is 70-75 F, humidity 50-70%.

- Once glue is opened, use within one month. Clean the nozzle of the glue thoroughly after each use.

- Shake well before each use from SIDE TO SIDE for 30-60 seconds.

- Store the glue in our silver zipper bag with silica gel. Air must be removed before closing the bag.

- Store the adhesive in an upright position at a cool and dark place with low humidity.




- This adhesive is designed for eyelash extension experts only. Do not self-apply or use it with individual, cluster or strip lashes.

- Please make sure your clients keep their eyes closed tightly throughout the entire application process. Never have the glue come in contact with client skin or eyes.

- If the adhesive contact with the eye, immediately flush eyes with running water for at least 15 minutes.

- If redness, itching or a burning sensation occurs, see a medical professional ASAP.




1. Before applying glue, please clean the eyelashes.

2. Please dry the excess moisture in the joint with dry non-woven gauze before grafting.

3. Shake 60 times to mix the ingredients evenly.

4. The individual lashes coated with glue is attached to a portion about 2mm away from the root, and the individual lashes' direction is consistent with the direction of the natural eyelashes.

5. After the last individual lashes are received, please fully air-dried.

*The products contain fume causes eye irritation or burning eyes if there is moisture left and eyes are not fully closed. 

6. Can't rub the eyes with hands.

ellocy EXTRA STRONG Eyelash Extension Glue - 5ml Black Adhesive for Professional

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